Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lil’ Kim Gives Se7en a Helping Hand

Lil’ Kim is featured in Se7en’s new song and video “Them Girls” congratulations to Se7en for getting a big name in his debut American single… Lil’ Kim.

Birth name: Choi Dong-Wook (최동욱, Hanja: 崔東昱) (surname, Choi)Born: November 9, 1984 (1984-11-09) (age 24)Origin: Seoul, South KoreaGenre(s): K-pop, J-pop, R&B, PopOccupation(s): singer, actor, dancer

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The first African American President & The First African American first Lady!
This is a Victory for all African Americans and all Minority American's and All Minorities around the World.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Jimmy Tsai - In Ping Pong Playa

Christopher "C-dub" Wang is a suburban guy who sports an urban swagger, waxes political on all things Asian American, and clings to pipe dreams of a career as a pro basketball player. Blaming genetics for his failure to make the NBA, C-dub lives at home, works a dead-end job, and squirms in the shadow of his older brother, Michael, a doctor and ping pong champion.
With a family-run store devoted to all things ping pong and a mom who teaches it at the local Chinese Community Center, the Wangs' entire world revolves around the sport. But despite the family legacy, C-dub opts to spend his free time playing video games and daydreaming about get-rich quick schemes with his best friend JP Money.
C-dub is kicked back into reality when his mom and Michael are hurt in a car accident, leaving his father to watch over the store and forcing C-dub to take over his mom's ping pong class of misfits. C-dub starts to appreciate the benefits of ping pong when he starts using the class to make some extra money on the side and befriending one of the kids who happens to have a beautiful older sister. But when the Wang family livelihood is threatened by a rival ping pong player's attempts to lure the kids away, C-dub begins to take things more seriously. With the National Golden Cock Tournament coming up and an injured Michael unable to defend his title, C-dub must become the player he pretends to be and defend his family's ping pong dynasty.

Ping Pong Play in Limited Theaters starting 9-05-08 Ping Pong Playa is a 2007 film directed by Jessica Yu and written by Jessica Yu and Jimmy Tsai. It's a comedy about an Asian ping pong family with a buffoonish and irreverent son.

Barack Obama with his Beautiful Wife and Daughters

Michelle Obama showed her softer side Monday night at the Democratic National Convention, declaring “I love this country” and presenting a picture-perfect image of her family on the stage in Denver.

She praised her husband as a uniter who can lead the country in a new direction, but she also used her headlining address to refine her public persona and to quiet charges from Republicans that she is somehow unpatriotic.

Barack Obama even made a surprise appearance via video feed from Kansas City, Mo., at the end of the speech, ending the first day of the convention on a light-hearted note.

“How about Michelle Obama?” he said, as their daughters tried to talk to him on screen. “Now you know why I asked her out so many times, even though she said, ‘No.’ You want a persistent president.”

Earlier, Michelle Obama explained her love of America by saying, “I tried to give back to this country that has given me so much.”


Vogue Italia is releasing a special July issue featuring only Black models and shot by legendary photographer Steven Meisel. The issue will showcase about 100 pages featuring top models like Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Liya Kebede ,Chanel Iman,Jourdan Dunn, Alek Wek, Pat Cleveland and ANTM participant Toccara Jones. American Vogue will address the subject of the lack of Black models in the fashion industry in an upcoming issue. We think this Italian Vogue issue is groundbreaking and a great step for the industry. The Vogue Italia issue is only the beginning because each season Black models and models of color are becoming less visible on the runway. The other eleven months of the Vogue year will see a lack of Black models or diversity in their issues or covers.

Jet Li to focus on quake reconstruction effort

Jet Li has announced that he would be staying away from the entertainment world for about a year to concentrate on the reconstruction in the Sichuan quake zones.
Jet Li’s disaster-relief One Foundation has set up an office in Sichuan last week, and will focus on rebuilding schools and providing special care for those left orphaned or disabled.

Tak Sakaguchi,was in the United States last month promoting his movie Be A Man! Samurai School

Tak Sakaguchi, pictured with Actress Latrice Butts they met at the screening of Tak Sakaguchi movie Be A Man! Samurai School this picture was taking in the VIP Room at the after party.
Tak is a very well known Action Actor in Japan & the United States.

It seems that right at birth, Tak Sakaguchi was bound to be a force to be reckoned with. From an early age, he exhibited excellent motor skills and cat-like reflexes; putting these skills to use and excelling in martial arts such as Judo and boxing. Surprisingly, even with his stunning looks and charisma, Sakaguchi wasn't seeking a career in acting - it sought him. Working as a street fighter, he was chosen by a then unknown director, Ryuhei Kitamura. Kitamura was still accumulating funds and financial resources for his independent film, Versus, and not knowing any established actors, he chose Sakaguchi due to his natural fighting skills and physical prowess. Kitamura felt that Sakaguchi shouldn't have to go to waste fighting in the streets, so why not bring his skills to film instead? Sakaguchi pushed himself physically to the extreme for the film, breaking ribs, bruising and cutting himself, even losing a tooth! Instead of halting production, he had it glued back in! The film proved to be quite a gamble for both star and director, but it also pay off in ways that neither would have expected. Upon its release, Versus was a hit in its native Japan, even with the novice director, reluctant actor, and extremely low-budget. Once released over-seas, the film became a cult hit. Seemingly overnight, both Sakaguchi and Kitamura launched their careers and continued to work together in films such as the Azumi series, Alive, Aragami and Battlefield Baseball. While all film ventures were successful, Sakaguchi had yet to acquire the same success he did with Versus. 2006 would prove to be a bigger year, taking on more mainstream film roles in Shinobi: Heart Under Blade. Then there was Death Trance, with a role similar to that of Versus; it was also in Death Watch that Sakaguchi directed the action scenes. 2007, however, proved to be even busier, acting in both films and television. Sakaguchi has also taken to working behind the camera, writing and directing his first film, Sakigake!! Otako juku (Be a Man! Samurai School). With such a strong dedication to his craft, be it actor, writer, or director, Sakaguchi is unstoppable.